Why should I use Connecting Leaders

The Connecting Leaders app is designed to establish direct contacts between the owners of investment projects and / or the heads of the companies with the decision makers of investment companies, heads of family offices and private investors.

Connecting LeadersConnecting Leaders is required:

  • to quickly attract the investments you need;
  • to expand strategically important business network for company executives (with other company heads);
  • to present the project and / or company to the most influential investors and heads of companies;
  • to easily build strategically important relationships with key persons in the regions and quickly enter new markets;
  • to be able to instantly establish the necessary connections with the largest business decision makers of the global investment industry;
  • to take part in events for the elite of the private investment industry Private Investment Forum Worldwide;
  • and many other.

Is it a paid or free service?

Connecting Leaders main pageConnecting Leaders is a free service.

  • You can make your personal profile;
  • Post detailed information about your project and / or company;
  • Send (and receive) meeting requests to/from interesting investors and company executives;
  • Send (and receive) company leaders and investors your interest in contacting them;
  • Receive prompt information about all Private Investment Forum Worldwide events;
  • Send participation requests for Private Investment Forum Worldwide events.

Some special features of Connecting Leaders are paid:

  • send an Offer of your investment project and / or company directly to investors and get direct contact with them;
  • make an investment project presentation to investors during the Private Investment Forum Worldwide;
  • hold face-to-face meetings with interesting investors during the Private Investment Forum Worldwide.

Are there any requirements for profile owners?

Connecting Leaders ProfileIn order to register an account with Connecting Leaders, you must have a senior position in your company.

Connecting Leaders supports the profiles of company executives no lower than the position:

  • Managing director;
  • Founder;
  • CEO;
  • Owner;
  • President;
  • Vice-president;
  • GM etc.

You must also authenticate your contact and other data.

You must confirm that you will conduct your activity in the app yourself and not transfer account management to other people.

How can I see the list of investors?

How to choose investors who may be interested in my project?

Choose investors whose interests coincide with your project. To do this, use the search form. After choosing an investor, send them an Offer or invite to a meeting.

How to present your project to an investor?

In order to present your project to the investor via mobile app, you can use 3 options.

Post detailed information about your project (Free)

All investors carefully monitor all the projects that appear on the app. If your project is of interest to the investor, you will see their interest in your project in the “Incoming requests” section. You can also receive an invitation from the investor to hold a private meeting with them during the Private Investment Forum Worldwide.

You can place the project in the app via mobile phone or your computer using the link below


To meet one-to-one with the investor (charge).

Once you have posted a project, you can invite your chosen investors to a meeting during the Private Investment Forum Worldwide. To do this, you need to select an event and send a meetings request to the investor. During the Private Investment Forum Worldwide, you can make a presentation of your project to investors and hold from 5 to 20 meetings with investors.

Send the Offer to the investor directly (charge).

If you want to offer your investment project to the investor directly, you can send them an Offer. To do this, you need to choose an investor that is interesting to you and send them an offer. The investor will receive your offer personally. They will receive a message on their mobile phone that you sent them an offer. They will be able to open your project and study it. The investor will see your profile, project and your email address specified during registration. If the project is of interest to the investor, they will contact you by e-mail or invite you to a meeting.

You will be able to track all the actions and investors’ interest online.