How does the offer service work?

How does the offer service work?

How does the Offer service work?

The most effective way to present your project to the investor is a personal presentation during the Private Investment Forum Worldwide. However, the forum dates may not be suitable for you or you do not want to spend a lot on participation in the forum and travel expenses. In this case, you can use the service “Offer” and contact the investor directly.

Find an interesting investor.

Send your Offer directly to the investor.

If you want to present your investment project to the investor directly, you can send him an Offer. To do this, you need to choose an investor that is interesting to you and send him an Offer. The investor will receive your offer personally. He will receive a message on his mobile phone that you sent him an offer. He will be able to open your project and study it. The investor will see your profile, project and your email address specified during registration. If the project is of interest to the investor, they will contact you by e-mail or invite you to a meeting.

You will be able to track all the actions and investors’ interest online.

How much does it cost to send one offer?

The cost of sending one Offer – AED450 (approximately USD120).

Cost of a package of 5 Offers – AED1850  (approximately USD500). You can save 20%.

Statistics of all purchased and sent offers will be available to you in your profile.

You can pay for offers with VISA or MasterCard in the mobile app.